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Megashare is a great way to watch movies on the web. It has many great features, including sorting movies by genre, country, year, and actor. It also has a great list of new releases and news about popular movies. And the interface is clean and easy to use. This makes it one of the best streaming sites online.

However, because of legal issues, Megashare is no longer available to users in the UK. This website is currently not accessible through Google. There are also no legal means to download movies from Megashare. Those who want to download movies can visit other video sharing websites. These sites use a third-party service to host the movies.

Another site that offers free streaming of movies and TV shows is SolarMovie. It has a high-quality search engine, and its home page displays user ratings. The downside to SolarMovie is that it constantly changes domains. This means that it is vulnerable to anti-piracy groups. However, it is still one of the most popular streaming websites.

Megashare also allows you to watch movies in HD quality. It also allows you to watch old and trending movies. It also supports several languages. Users of Megashare can access the site anytime. Another great feature is that you can request movies by providing an email address. The site will then notify you when the movie is available.