Who is the best striker in the history of the World Cup

Let’s just say there is quantity and there is quality. You can take part in 3-5 world championships and score the most goals in total. And it happens that an athlete participates in only one, but his performance is a multiple of the “long-livers” of the championships.

Here, each fan has his own preferences and attitude towards football stars: bright, but quickly extinguished, or burning for a long time with a weak, but visible light.

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Record holder Miroslav Klose

He played for the German national team for 4 championships. He played 24 matches in total. Scored 16 goals. He became the top scorer only once, in 2006, sending the ball 5 times into the opponent’s goal. He had the same result in 2002, but at that time Ronaldo was at the World Cup with 8 goals dstvportal.

Next descending:

  • in 2010 there are already 4 balls;
  • There are only 2 hits in 2014.

If we talk about performance, then it is 0.67.

Ronaldo: only three championships, but 15 goals FAQ BLOG

He is one ball behind Klose and has played one less championship. He took part in only 19 matches. But he was recognized as the top scorer of the World Cup twice. As for efficiency, it is 0.79.

“The King of Football”

Pelé also took part in four World Championships (1958-1970). But he played only 14 matches, while scoring 12 goals. On average, this is 0.86 balls per meeting ailovemusic.

Argentinean and Englishman are equally efficient

  • Gary Lineker attended two world championships, took part in 12 games, where he managed to “roll” the enemy 10 times
  • Gabriel Batistuta was able to go to the world tournament three times. But the number of meetings and the results are the same mynoteworld.

The total efficiency of both is 0.83.

Gerd Müller: the highest results

He only came for two championships, but he has 14 wins in 13 matches. That is, in each game he scored more than 1 goal.

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Incredible and invincible

The Frenchman Just Fontaine is a real record holder, whose record has been held since 1958. He was at the World Cup once, entered the field only 6 times, but at the same time he has 13 goals!

The Hungarian Sandor Kocis also had only one chance to attend the World Championship. He played only 5 games, but managed to score 11 goals.

That is, Fontaine and Kocsis scored more than 2 goals in one meeting.

Let’s hope and bet that a star so bright will appear in Qatar that it can finally beat their record. Or at least get close to him, which will allow him to enter the history of football.